Food and relationships ... creating new habits

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Food and relationships ... creating new habits

Post  funloving1 on Thu Nov 01, 2007 5:59 am

1 November 2007

Well I've received the plan in the post today ... and I'm excited! I read through the information and I can't wait to start and begin seeing results!

A little bit about myself, my current stats are:

Age: 34
Weight: 79 kgs/174 lbs
Height: 155 cms/5'2"
BMI: 30/Obese

I have struggled with my weight in the last 10 years. Before then, I was around 60kgs. The weight came on when I got into my first serious relationship ... the weight gain was like a runaway train! lol! Ha! You know the drill - lots of food, with lashings of alcohol and deserts. We would bush walk together and do regular exercise, but lazying around reading books or watching TV and movies seemed to be what we enjoyed doing together. That relationship ended a few years later and then the weight started to come off again ... a little. I managed to get my weight down from 73kgs to 65kgs.

A sendentary lifestyle, working long hours and a lot of stress got me back up to 73kgs. Mad Then guess what ... I'm now in a new relationship of 6 months and have gained 6 additional kilos - one for every month! Humpf!!! The great thing is my new partner doesn't have an issue with it. As a matter of fact, he's a fantastic cook and loves to ply me with his delicious dishes. I can't get enough of it! Ha! tongue

As much as I love his cooking, my body is telling me that if I don't get this sorted now, I'm just gonna get unhealthier. So ... I'm not blaming my weight gain on the relationships, but the bad habits I develop when I'm in them. I'm hoping this diet plan will help me work those bad habits out and create new healthy ones!

First things first, I got my partner to take a picture of me at today's weight of 79kgs. I've hated my picture being taken for obvious reasons. It was quite hard looking at it and seeing my body the way it is and the sad look in my eyes. Sad So, there's only one thing for it now ... I'm off shopping to get set for the week. Wish me luck! I'm sure it'll be OK though. Thanks brandy4u for a new start!!!! cheers

Take care all,


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Re: Food and relationships ... creating new habits

Post  Monnieka on Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:03 am

Good Luck funloving1!

Far I definitely know what you mean!! When Im single I always seem to be skinnier and look after myself more, than comes that relationship when you feel so comfortable and just let yourself go!!

We are definitely in it together so good luck!!

Monnieka flower


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Re: Food and relationships ... creating new habits

Post  brandy4u on Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:26 am

Hello there! I know exactly what you mean about gaining weight when you're in a relationship! It's the same for me! You know how I lost 20kgs? well after 6 months I went out with my current bf and gained 5 kgs in just 5 months.. just like you.. 1 kg per month!!

We enjoyed nothing but junkfood and watching movies! Then I realised... my goodness here I am selling diet plans and I am being naughty!

So I went straight back to the plan and lost it all again! Smile

So I am sure you'll do it! Smile Post your photo if you'd like Smile so we can see the difference every 2 wks! Smile

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Re: Food and relationships ... creating new habits

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